KHS Synchemica Corp. was established in 1986 as Helm Tong Sing Corp., a joint venture between Helm AG and Tong Sing Chemicals CO., Ltd. Our first cooperation with Helm company started in 1970s. In 2005, KHS Synchemica Corp. becomes an independent company after German company changed their marketing strategy in the Asia region. At the same time KHS is still appointed as a sole agent for Helm AG and Helm companies in Taiwan safeguarding a smooth continuation of the existing businesses.

Our main objectives include international marketing on own account in Corp. protection, Pharmaceutical raw materials and Chemicals. Sales and distribution in Taiwan for Chemicals, APIs and Human / Animal nutrition have also become our main priority. Development of local distribution in generic pharmaceutical finished products has started in 2003. Our head office located in Taipei, Taiwan, a subsidiary in Shanghai, China, which enhances integrating business from headstream to downstream.

Based on our experiences and well-organized channels, has held a seminar JRS (Germany) on 26th November 2009, which is the 2nd largest excipient manufacturer in the world, then working as their agent in Taiwan so we are well positioned to provide high efficiency excipients from JRS as well as additional lactose from Foremost (US) for all our customers in variety application.

We value our business with mankind as foundation, from heart to mind, KHS completes business as a whole with good flexibility and honesty to aim for subsoil of domestic agents and partners, and response at prompt with carrying primary Pharmaceutical and Chemical material and others included in our product portfolio to worldwide customers.